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Clash of the Lambdas

Microbenchmarking collections, via the functional APIs of Java 8, Scala, C#, F#.

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Clash of the Lambdas

We are microbenchmarking functional collection APIs of the VM multiparadigm languages Java 8, Scala, C#, F# on Windows and on Linux.

The results are discussed in our ICOOOLPS'14 workshop paper:

To run the benchmarking suite as is, you will need a system with approximately 3GB of free space for heap allocation. Regarding execution time, a run on a single platform takes approximately 30-40 minutes on an Intel Core i5.

Setting up on Windows

Setting up on Ubuntu

Running the microbenchmarks

(via a console on Linux o via a Powershell console on Windows)

Processing the results

If you want to process the unified results we offer a gawk script for linux (that also makes use of the dos2unix command to convert windows result file encoding).


@biboudis, @NickPalladinos and Y. Smaragdakis


  1. A utility that was factored out as a seperate project.